Scales Off Media: Blog en-us (C) Scales Off Media (Scales Off Media) Sat, 09 Nov 2013 01:47:00 GMT Sat, 09 Nov 2013 01:47:00 GMT Scales Off Media: Blog 120 19 Behind the scenes of Fashion Shoot for Client: Custom Dress Designer Shelia Bothwell Hired by Custom Dress Designer Sheila Bothwell to shoot one of her beautiful custom dress designs with Model/Actress Alexandra Proano.

I used two speed lights one attached to monopod held behind Alexandra and a small octobox was focused on the left side to get this shot.  

Custom dress by designer Sheila Bothwell


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Thought of the Day: October 22, 2013 - Are you the yardstick?  

Thought of the day:

I started my journey as a photographer/cinematographer about 9 years. Every photograph or movie, I challenge myself to get better and more innovative. As much as I like feedback from the internet audience, I cant allow that to dictate quality. I have to be honest with myself about my work in order to continue to grow. Most people are afraid to ask themselves if their photographs or films getting better. Stop allow people to tell you that average out of focus, overexposed, badly composed photographs are great and you are the greatest photographer. Base your work on those who are striving to become great. Check out work on or movies with great directors and challenge yourself to become great at what you do. Set the standard!!

"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected. "

Steve Jobs 

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Creating a Brand New Image for Client Dr. Mike Errico DDS Rebranding client Dr. Michael Errico DDS which includes new website, promotional videos,photographs  and social networks. 

Looking forward to sharing the completed project ..almost ready to launch new site!!!! 



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Is it only about just pressing the button and adding some fancy filter?  

What do you get from Scales Off Media? 

 You are not hiring someone to take photographs or film an event, but use the 

images to script a story. Helping whoever views your images to understand who

you are as individuals, business or a family.

I can guarantee unique innovative photographs

 that will stand the test of time 

and allow you to cherish the moments.

Who is telling your story? 


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Working on New Animated Logo for Scales Off Media

Thought I would work on a new animated logo to add to my film and video projects. Still a work in progress...I will share the final version   

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Cinderella's Dream - a worthy cause Early this year I participated in an event called Cinderella's Dream.  I was among several talented photographers investing our time and talent to a worthy cause. Sabina Cavalli a fellow photographer coordinated and reached out to the local photographers to help out. A photoshoot was planned for all the young women who received a dress though the organization.   It was a privilege to use my gift at this event.  Here are a few of the photos from the shoot and a link to the story



Click here The Courier-News Story  

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Undesirable - Short Film -- Behind the Story


I challenged myself in this film to not use any dialogue. Once I acquired the perfect historic location

in the heart of Chicago. Casting was pretty easy because I had worked with the talented model Christine Gambal

on several fashion photoshoots. Christine mentioned she was interested in doing some acting. 

It was a two man crew of Herbert Staten Jr and Earl Dickens

In society we always base out perception on experience and what we can see. People never really

get to know why someone has ended up in a certain situation. This short will demonstrate 

everyone is not as they seem, we often need to take the time understand

the person behind the outward appearance. You may be surprised!!  



Filmed in historic Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago,IL

Various Chicago Locations 

The Magnificent Mile - Michigan Avenue Downtown Chicago   

Directed and Written

Herbert Staten Jr.

Director of Photography  

Herbert Staten Jr. 

Second Camera 

Earl Dickens 


Christine Gambal 


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Photoshoot with Musician/Songwriter Chris in Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma Photoshoot for Musician/Songwriter Chris in Downtown Tulsa,Oklahoma. Despite severe tornados lurking daily,  on an early Tuesday morning in June we were able to get out and get some great photographs for Chris's upcoming EP. He is currently in the studio. 

Very talented guitar player,songwriter and singer.  

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Fashion Shoot in Downtown Milwaukee -- Simple lighting setup In Milwaukee to begin filming for the Big Hitter Web Series. My hardworking assistant Earl and I were staying the Historic Hilton Garden Inn Milwaukee Downtown. Amazing building with high ceiling and classic touches.  We were not schedule to start filiming until  Saturday morning. Tasha setup a photoshoot to get some updated photographs for her portfolio. I received permission from the hotel management ahead of time to use the location for a the shoot. Just scouted out locations within the hotel prior the clients arrival.

I used a simple lighting setup for this shot after moving the furniture to get the look I wanted. 

Camera: Canon 7D

Lens: 24-70mm 2.8

Mode: Manual

Shutter: 1/200

Aperture: F2.8 

ISO 100 


White foam core board bouncing the single flash set on floor

Octagon Soft Box with flash  


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Some fashion shoots from earlier this year As a cinematographer/photographer I always want to tell a story or capture the emotion of the subject.

I classify myself as a visual storyteller.

 Finding the perfect location and using lighting to create an emotion.  

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Wedding of Joe and Brittany -- June 15th, 2013   

I had the opportunity to capture the marriage of Joe and Brittany on June 15th, 2013It started out a raining day but the time guest arrived so did the sun. It was a beautiful day!!  


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We should always continue to learn, this was a very inspiring interview

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Big Hitters Episode 2 - Lock and Key I am Director of Photography/Cinematographer for a web series called Big Hitters.  Working with friend and talented Director Barry Gilmore at Black Folio Studios.  

Actor Scott Bailey and Kyle Berg play the leading characters. Very dialogue driving storyline will have you guessing who is next in their quirky yet very precise skills of eliminating the next target.  


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AMERICAN PREDATOR FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP: Champion vs Champion June 22nd, 2013 I shot the APFC: Champion vs Champion weigh-in and fights. To me, sport photography is more than just capturing the action, its about allowing the viewer to feel the emotion of the athlete, bring them in ringside.   





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Promotional Video for 5Stones Churches - Interview with Pastor Lucas

Christian Fellowship Church and 5Stone Churches from 5StoneChurches on Vimeo.

Filmed and edited a promotional video for church planting ministry 5Stones Churches. This was an interview with Pastor Lucas of Christian Fellowship Church, Itasca, IL. This was a two day shoot.  




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Volunteered my talent and time to create a video for Red Thread Movement I contacted Red Thread Movement to see about volunteering my talents and time to help spread awareness of human trafficking.

Here is the result of my efforts 

Red Thread Movement - "We Will Not Forsake Them" - combating human trafficking from ScalesOffMedia on Vimeo. 





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Rumble on the River April 21st, 2012 - Rockford, IL Some great fights occurred at the Rumble on the River on April 21st, 2012. Looking forward the next event. I had the opportunity to shoot for  You cna see the rest of the 


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Pregnancy Photoshoot for Josh and Yesmi This was a great photoshoot for Josh and Yesmi on a sunny day in February 2012. 

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